John Atkinson visits Tweak Studio at the New York AV Show 2012

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Tweak Studio gets a review with a power cable discovery by Genesis

T  E  S  T  I  M  O  N  I  A  L  S


"The best symphonic music presentation was in your Burmester room and Walker audio. It was the most life like performance with  large scale dynamics. The emotion, the delicacy and the power of the orchestra were all there. I don't think I have ever heard a better symphonic music performance from a system. Even the old big Dunlavys could not do better. I can imagine a dedicated room with these speakers and electronics. You did very well that you have merged with Walker audio in your presentation. I do not think the old pattern where Burmester plays exclusively with Burmester is always successful."

Stavros Venizelos
New York, Manhattan
April 15, 2012

 "went to most of the rooms; there was a lot of good gear and information.  In the top price category, your room was the best.  Lloyd Walker was great; your system sounded the best of the whole show.  More real and less hi fi like than most of the others.  The Soundsmith Hyperion is fantastic; it sounded better in your room that in Soundsmith's own room.
MBL was very good and well attended.
Scaena was the next best.
In the budget category, the old ESL speakers at Robyatt Audio sounded amazing and the Miyajima cartridge was superb and over the top.  I  want one!
If there is a next year, you should get one of the big rooms on 18; Burmester deserves it! "

Nelson Happy
New York, Manhattan
April 15, 2012

Tweak Studio an APMI company Customer Reviews 

Hi Arnold-
"My wife and I love the new Sota Comet.  We are listening to all our records again with pleasure. It easily out performs my old turntable and my digital source.  Thanks again for all of your assistance. -Todd."

Todd D. Bromgard, Esq.
Law Office of Gary L. Hall

May 4, 2009


WOW!!!!! The AA(Accustic Arts) is an amazing player. The words that comes to mind so far are, sweet, detailed, and warm. The cables, no doubt are also playing a part in this. despite the fact that they contain silver in them, not a sense shrill or edge was perceived during my listening session.
The sound got progressively smoother, any hint of brightness was due to poor recording. I would love to hear other cables from Van den Hul that you might have.
Once again Arnold, I don't know how to thank you. Hoping also all is well with you.
Will leave you some pos.feedbacks on the Gon!

Best to you and your family.



I bought a pair of his rebuild SMG'as from Arnold last month,and was so pleased with them that I decided to build a 5-1 channel system using the Magnepan speaker's. I then ordered his highly modified set of MG-1's about 2 week's ago.
I set them up and am currently breaking them in. I have about 45 hour's on them as of now, and have played every thing on them from classical to county to hard rock. They seam to be breaking in now as the sound is unbelievable.
The high's mid's and the bass are excellent. This is my first set of planer's and I don't think I will ever go back to box speaker's.I will send some picture's soon.
Arnold did a really fine job on these speaker's and I really enjoyed doing business with him.
Thank's Arnold

Greg Abarr

The Great Books Foundation is extremely satisfied with the equipment selection, consultation and customer service provided by  APMI. Mr. Martinez's attention to detail, as well as the thorough manner in which he assisted with our search for the proper projector and screen for our boardroom was excellent.
 Mr. Martinez provided an array of cost effective options, as well as, time and money saving installation consultation.
We look forward to the next opportunity to utilize Mr. Martinez's expertise.


Karlo J. Flowers
Business Manager
The Great Books Foundation
35 E. Wacker Dr., Ste. 400 Chicago, IL. 60601


Professional dedication shows in the quality of the installation and products in my home entertainment system , my visual and auditory experience is has accelerated without braking budget !

Chicago, Illinois


The attention to detail was meticulous.  We had a surround sound system(6.1) installed in our house that was not pre-wired for surround.  We wanted quality without having to deal with the "Superstore" quick sale attitude and APM was able to deliver.  High-end quality without the need for a high-end budget.  After the installation, you would have thought the house was born with the system, perfect match… no wires to be seen, unless you live between walls.

Highly recommend!  Ask APM about the lights.

Betty Young


We had a plasma installed and APM ran the wires behind the wall.  It was an exterior wall so the insulation and support beams were a challenge.  APM installed the tv and the wires/cables disappeared as if it were prewired.  Very professional and I didn't even have to clean up afterwards!


Missouri City , TX

 Very hi-tech. I would love to upgrade my speakers and all my audio system through this company. save myself a trip to Europe everything is on this website, its easy access to get the highest quality of sound in an audio system,  glad you can make it easier for us.

Deanna Jane

(Hollywood, Ca.)

I purchased a turntable from APM and have been enjoying some old vinyl
as well some new vinyl.  APM recommended and installed a turntable to
match the acoustics in my media room.  APM also recommended cables that
suited my speakers and amp, the results are amazing.  I'm 100% satisfied
with my purchase.

Michael Young


"My purchasing experience with myavstudio.com, has been nothing short of excellent!  The assistance I received in the selection and purchase of my Toshiba Regza, 42HL67U was awesome! The delivery and installation was the best I've received, topping that of national chain store operations.  I consistently visit www.myavstudio.com to see what other products and services are available, and, plan to use Mr. Martinez's services exclusively for my home audio needs!

Karlo Flowers

Chicago, Illinois

(Old Town)