Excellent purchase! Arnold Martinez delivered the LARGE, heavy, & beautiful speakers personally, at a long distance, and set them up.

Highly recommended Arnold from Tweak Studio transactions

William Polsen




I bought a pair of his rebuild SMG'as from Arnold last month,and was so pleased with them that I decided to build a 5-1 channel system using the Magnepan speaker's. I then ordered his highly modified set of MG-1's about 2 week's ago.
I set them up and am currently breaking them in. I have about 45 hour's on them as of now, and have played every thing on them from classical to county to hard rock. They seam to be breaking in now as the sound is unbelievable.
The high's mid's and the bass are excellent. This is my first set of planer's and I don't think I will ever go back to box speaker's.I will send some picture's soon.
Arnold did a really fine job on these speaker's and I really enjoyed doing business with him.
Thank's Arnold

Greg Abarr