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Selected quality trade in on display

"Tweak Studio" Showcase Chicago
Genesis reference amplifiers & Genesis 7.1f, Sota Sapphire, Sota Comet, Shanling,
PS Audio & Wired with Van Den Hul

Tweak Studio Showcase

I would give Arnold and his company, Tweak Studio, more than 5 stars for service. My experience with them was excellent.

After I met Arnold, my relationship with him was solidified. I purchased speakers from them and, because I had a trade-in, they came to my home and made the exchange.

The exchange was quick and painless. Then, Arnold did the set-up, which was excellent.

It was a great learning experience working with a brick-and-mortar company because it was much more personalized. I preferred the person-to-person interaction to just going through the Internet.

Stewart Gordon

Arlington Heights,Illinois


Museum Park 2