808 MK 5  Pre Amplifier

The Reference Line 808 MK5 is the flagship among the Burmester pre amplifiers and our appliance with the longest tradition.

Since it was introduced in August 1980, the 808, today in its 5th generation, it enjoys international appreciation and serves as reference for the renowned expert press worldwide. The modular basis structure was revolutionary at the time of its origin, and still is a quarter of a century later. In addition to its progressive basic concept, new technologies have been adapted in order to adjust the 808 to the particular state of the art. The concept proves its success as follows:

Recent reference titles on the occasion of its 25th anniversary of production
Golden Ear Award – The Absolute Sound (USA) 2000
HP’s Five Stars Component: The State of the Art 1999
Stereo Sound Japan: Grand Prix (2002)

Not only the technological progress, but also the spirit of design has been accounted for over the years. The silver-coloured finish of the frame parts and the front panels in their standard chrome design align smoothly with the prevailing Reference Line components. The 808 operates fully balanced, widely in class-A, and is completely DC-coupled. The generously dimensioned external power supply guarantees sovereign voltage supply.

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, a limited edition of the 808 has been custom-built in 24 karat gold.


088 Pre Amplifier

The 088 Preamplifier combines a considerable amount of technical finesse from the Reference Line, with the consolidated construction of the Top Line models. It benefits from distinguished developments that have already leveraged the Reference Line 077 Preamplifier to its extraordinary sound characteristics. With a perfect mergence of sound and design in combination with easy and intuitive controlling, the 088 guarantees sensuous and light-hearted listening pleasure.

Due to an innovative circuit-concept, it is possible to use the longevity of wear-free semiconductor-switches without the usual negative influence on the sound. The well-proven volume control from the Reference Line 077 Preamplifier results in an excellent resolution of volume in the 088, as well. The phase shift allows flexible connections and easy combination with other devices with differing PIN-configuration of the XLR-plugs.

For an individual configuration, the 088 provides a module slot for an optional Phono MC3 or MM2 module, or D/A converter. When no optional module is ordered, the 088 is equipped with a Line module as standard, and therefore has an additional unbalanced high level input.

All inputs may be named individually. The coding via remote control is facilitated by an intelligent assignment assistance. The established dual-mono assembly has been brought to perfection and minimizes effects caused by crosstalk between the channels. The multi-layer assembly of the circuit boards minimizes negative effects caused by crosstalk on the inputs.


035  Preamp

The Classic Line Pre Amplifier 035 associates warm and natural musicality with a simple and user-friendly handling.

Its clear, aesthetic appearance and plain elegance characterise this pre amp of the Classic Line. Primary goal of the development was to realise the tonal attributes of the 035’s paragons from our Reference Line and Top Line, regarded as measure for all pre amplifiers worldwide, without compromise. The Burmester-own X-Amp stages are part of the 035’s standard equipment. They operate fully balanced, most widely in class-A and are completely DC-coupled.

The elaborate volume control is generated by a R-2R-network, having the same impedance at all volume stages, and guarantees an extremely synchronised ganging up to the lowest volume, unequalled by conventional potentiometers. This is optimally realised by encapsulated reed relays with gold contacts. The tone control for bass and treble can be bridged completely without the slightest loss of sound.

Today’s signal sources such as CD players require extremely quick signal processing. A power supply must meet these requirements at all times and needs to be appropriately dimensioned. The elaborate power supply of the pre amp 035 guarantees a warm sound, rich in detail and retains it even with dynamic music passages. The total architecture of the 035’s circuitry accommodates the development to more complex systems including home theater solutions: a surround processor can be easily connected by a surround loop. All functions of the 035 can be controlled through the BurLink system.


Fully balanced premium preamplifier with professional extremely low distortion Class Aoutput stage using technology derived from studio engineering.Premium quality ICs: selected Burr Brown® OPA 627 and OPA 2107 only.Magnetically shielded and encapsulated 75 VA toroidal core transformer of premium quality for high output reserves.Circuit topology optimized for very short signal paths.Extremely low distortion spectrum; e.g. K2=0.00007 %

3 x fully balanced inputs (XLR)/2 x unbalanced input (RCA)

1 x unbalanced input (RCA) configured as „SURROUND BYPASS“

2 x fully balanced outputs (XLR) e.g. for „Bi-Amping“ configurations

1 x unbalanced output (RCA) e.g for a separate subwoofer (active)

Premium quality relays and a premium quality switch with gold-plated silver contacts for the input selection.Encapsulated high grade volume potentiometer.Fully aluminium-made remote control.Full metal housing for optimum shielding

ACCUSTIC ARTS® PREAMP I-MK3 is „Handmade in Germany“


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Creek’s latest product release is the OBH-22 passive pre-amplifier.

The function of the Creek OBH-22 passive pre-amplifier is to provide input selection and volume adjustment to a Hi-Fi system from an armchair, via infra-red remote control. The unit can also be controlled directly from the front panel.

The OBH-22 consists of a high quality motorised volume potentiometer, and two stereo relays which select the desired input plus tape output, together with a muting relay that can short the signals to ground.

A built-in micro-controller decodes the infra-red signals transmitted by the handset and translates them into commands which activate the motorised potentiometer and the muting and input selection relays.

After each operation, the micro-controller turns itself off to avoid any possibility of interfering with the main music signal. LED’s are used to indicate the status and mode of operation.

The OBH-22 is purely passive and does not introduce any gain or distortion into the signal path. It is therefore suitable to be used as a control pre-amplifier, provided the sensitivity of the power amplifier that is being used is high enough to be driven directly from the source. i.e. CD player or tuner etc.

The volume control can be operated manually at any time, whether the OBH-22 is powered or not, but without power only Line 1 can be utilized.


Input Impedance < 20 kW
Output Impedance 20 kW
Separation > 80 dB's @ 1kHz
Attenuation 0 - 90 dB's
Inputs 3 Stereo pairs, inc Tape
Outputs 2 Stereo pairs, 1 fixed, 1 variable
Relay Muting Factor > 90dB's
Weight 610g
Size 160 x 100 x 66mm