069  CD Player
069  CD Player

The Reference Line CD player 069 combines brand-new technologies with the well-established belt-drive-system, invented by Burmester. The result is an extraordinary sounding CD player, which demonstrates the peak of what can be realized on the highest possible level.

Burmester Audiosysteme invented the belt-drive CD player in 1990 and introduced it during the Berlin Consumer Electronics Show in 1991. Just like analogue record players, the belt-drive CD player offers enhanced de-coupling of the record medium from the drive unit. The rotation of the CD is held completely even without sound distorting vibrations or staggering. Therefore, the CD is read out with considerable higher precision and is not afflicted with electronic jitter.

The 069 has three digital inputs, which allow upgrading of further external digital sources via the integrated DA-converter. Before they are converted, all digital signals, including the signals of the internal drive, are upsampled to 96/192 kHz/24bit. In addition to that, the 069 is fully balanced and completely DC-coupled without distorting capacitors in the signal path.

Due to its three digital inputs, one analogue input, all having a selectable volume control, the 069 may be used as pre amplifier as well. The 069 remembers compiled programs out of 99 CDs and recognises them when the CD is inserted again. The included MMI-slot allows expanding the number of in- or outputs and, just like the modular DA-converter-concept, the integration of further technologies. The entire unit can be controlled via the BurLink interface by using home automation systems like Crestron™ or AMX™.



089 CD Player

The Top Line 089 Belt-Drive CD Player combines brand-new developments with distinguished technologies from our Reference Line products. The interplay between the Burmester-invented belt-drive, SRC-function to 96kHz/24bit or 192kHz/24bit with the according conversion, is regarded internationally as benchmark technology. The belt-driven CD Player has the advantage of decoupling the laser from the drive motor. As a result, the readout of the CD is significantly higher, because it is not afflicted with electrical jitter. The belt-drive is located in a solid, low-resonance chamber.

Due to its two digital inputs and selectable volume control, the 089 has an additional preamplifier-function. The digital inputs allow the connection of further external sources. These sources can also benefit from the internal, improved D/A-converter (up to 192kHz/24 bit). Music is reproduced at its utmost perfection. Like all Burmester components, the D/A converter is designed with balanced circuit technology. The subsequent filter stages and X-Amp2 output stages, are fully balanced without distorting capacitors in the signal path. For the use of the preamplifier function, the 089 is also equipped with an analog input for the connection of analog sources.

Like the 088 Preamplifier, the 089 CD Player uses X-Amp2 modules for the outputs. These modules, formely only used in Burmester Reference Line products, are primarily responsible for the extraordinary sound that has been awarded with numerous reference titles in the past.

The Classic Line CD player 061

061  CD Player

The Classic Line CD player 061 is designed as a top loader and uses the CD 2 Pro drive unit in a direct drive.

In combination with top-of-the-line analogue output stages and highly advanced converter technology with switchable upsampling rates (96 and 192 kHz) the drive unit is guarantee for an extremely high resolution as well as musical sound. All DA-converters are located on a separate D/A converter module that can be upgraded or retrofitted for future developments.

The MMI slot of the 061 is also ready for future developments; further digital link ups can be inserted here. Tonal balance and finest details are unified in the 061 in a virtually optimized manner. Its precise top loader, made of milled aluminum makes even the insertion of a CD a pure enjoyment.

In addition to that, the 06 is fully balanced and completely DC-coupled without distorting capacitors in the signal path. The built-in D/A converter can also be used externally through the digital inputs. All functions of the CD player can be controlled via the BurLinkTM interface by media control systems such as CrestronTM or AMXTM.


052  CD Player

The new Rondo Line CD Player 052 presents itself visually and technically enhanced.

The direct driven, front loading 052 CD Player, provides a built-in modular D/A-Converter, which can be also used externally through the digital inputs. All incoming digital signals are also converted to the selected sample rate by the sample rate converter (96kHz or 192kHz). Due to the advanced converting technology and its carefully optimized design, the 052 offers a sound quality, which raises the Rondo Line to a new level. The highly sophisticated analogue output stages receive their signals from a latest-generation converter section with switchable upsampling rates (96kHz and 192kHz) that guarantee a high-resolution, musical sound. Just like the major Burmester CD Players, the 052 is fully balanced and completely DC-coupled without distorting capacitors in the signal-path.

The chrome-mirrored display may be dimmed in several steps or switched off completely. Its clearly structured control section makes users feel instantly familiar with the unit. In addition to that, all functions of the 052 can be controlled via BurLink with the use of controlling systems like Crestron™ or AMX™.




PS Audio’s ground breaking PerfectWave Transport (PWT) Memory Player stands alone as the ultimate optical disc player ever made. Built from the ground up as a dedicated high-end CD and DVD audio transport, the PWT will read almost any optical disc and output near-perfect digital data to any D to A processor made. The PWT is designed to be the last optical disc player you will ever need. Future-proof and field upgradable, the PWT can read high resolution WAV files or standard resolution CD audio files directly and feed the perfected data to your DAC through standard AESEBU, SPDIF or PS Audio’s exclusive I2S through HDMI connection for unprecedented performance. Cover art, song titles, track times, sample rates and bit depth are all displayed on the beautiful color touch screen automatically for any inserted disc.


A Photo Of The Destiny Compact Disc Player
MSRP $2,494.99
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The Destiny CD player from Creek Audio is the first indication of Creek’s intention to launch a series of higher quality products dedicated to the serious hi-fi consumer.Following in the footsteps of the popular CD50 mk2, the new Destiny player offers superior sound quality with the same playability and durability as the CD50 mk2, but with many additional features.The CD50mk2 has, up until now, been the best sounding CD player Creek has produced. It out-performed all of the company’s previous players in the area of playability, due to the use of customised firmware that allowed all known copy protected discs as well as interactive media to be played without hiccups. Sound quality was as good as Creek could make within its budget constraints. The Destiny is not a replacement for the CD50 mk2 but an additional model with a real ‘step-up’ in performance.Performance has been enhanced by careful attention to design detail, specifically in the area of PCB layout. The Destiny CD player uses an improved low phase noise (5pS), temperature controlled, master clock oscillator. It uses separate, instrument grade, OPA134 op-amps in the audio output to buffer each channel and the filtering of unwanted digital artefacts is improved. The op-amps in the output are also powered separately from their own low noise regulators.In total there are now 16 regulated low noise power supplies in the Destiny player. All rectifiers in the power supply are Shottky Barrier types for low noise, which do not require decoupling capacitors. All other power supply decoupling capacitors are audio grade low impedance 105 degree C types. Audio signal path passive components are selected for sonic purity, such as high-stability MELF type resistors and film and polypropylene type capacitors. Audio output RCA sockets are now solid metal, gold plated types with screw fixing, if required.To maintain the isolation between digital and analogue supplies, Creek has designed a truly stunning mains power supply for the Destiny, with all components mounted on a thick double sided plated-through-hole PCB. Three separate fully encapsulated PCB mounted toroidal mains transformers are used to completely separate digital and analogue supplies. A fully shielded, multi-element, mains filter is used to prevent interference to or from the Destiny. The mains IEC plug with built-in fuse holder is mounted on the power supply PCB together with the mains switch. A voltage selector switch is accessible from inside the case for multiple country operation. All the supplies are separately connected to the mother and display boards for improved serviceability.Creek has introduced additional re-clocking circuitry to eliminate jitter, or timing errors, from corrupting the performance of the Destiny player. It has also incorporated a Creek BUS system to carry signals to and from the player and a link to other Creek linked products. In the future the Creek bus will be able to join certain Creek linked products to proprietary multi-room controllers.Casework for the Destiny has been increased in size over earlier Creek products, it is more substantial and will reduce vibrations that can cause harmful sonic effects to be heard. The front panel is fitted with solid metal buttons to improve the feel and feedback from the controls. Machined out of 10mm thick solid aluminum, the front panel exudes a much higher impression of quality and reliability than previous Creek CD Players.The Destiny CD player has been designed ideally to be partnered with Creek’s newest integrated amplifier, scheduled for release at the same time – the Destiny Integrated Amplifier.


Power requirements: Supplied 220/240-50 Hz or 100/120-60Hz
Power consumption: 20W max 6W standby
Frequency response: 1 Hz - 20 kHz ± 0.25 dB
Output level: 2.0 V RMS at 1kHz, 0 dB
Output impedance: 50 Ohm, min load 1 Ohm, D to A type 24bit- 192Khz (Greater Than 120db) Crystal CS4396
Clock type: Temperature compensated ultra low jitter and phase noise module with re-clocking
Laser type: Semiconductor ALGaAs
Light output: ( cw ) 0.18 mW typical
Wavelength: 790 nm ± 25 nm, THD + Noise > -97dB
Dynamic range: Greater Than 117dB
Number of channels: 2
Total harmonic distortion: Less Than 0. 0008 % at 1 kHz, 0 dB
Software: Custom Creek software, running loader, display, remote control and DAC., Mains filtering Multi-pole bi-directional
Power supply: 3 fully encapsulated PCB toroidal transformers for transport, logic and analogue circuitry
Weight: 5Kgs (11 pounds)
Size: 43 x 6 x 25cm

Product Reviews:

"We were particularly impressed with the Destiny amplifier. It has an effortless and seamless coverage of the audio band and seemingly  well beyond, with bass of considerable heft that also manages the trick of sounding tuneful on potentially troublesome sounds like plucked double bass and timpani... We loved its [Creek Destiny CD Player] bass and midrange... overall, the player is both informative and comfortable for long-term listening." - Hi-Fi Choice Magazine Click here to read entire review!

"The performance of the Creeks is so exemplary that they merit comparisons with good analog front ends and tube separates rather than other units in their class." - The Absolute Sound (TAS) March 2007 Click here to read entire review!



Music hall proudly announces the release of the A25.2 Integrated Amp. This component was specifically designed for the music lover. Music Hall set out to prove that with attention to detail, good design, and dedication, fine audio equipment can be made at a reasonable price. To this end, they chose a select group of technologically advanced and synergistically matched parts to make the A25.2.

The A25.2 Integrated Amp makes a perfect companion to the Music Hall CD25.2 Player! The A25.2 is the perfect complement for a combination that will provide years of musical enjoyment!

A25.2 Features:

Digitally-controlled analogue audio volume control IC by Texas Instruments, PGA 2311
50 watt/channel amplifier
High quality toroidal transformer
Specially designed low-noise pre-amp section
Pre-amp out/Subwoofer connection
4 analog inputs, 1 tape loop, 1 headphone input
Heavy rigid chassis
Thick brushed aluminum fascia
Gorgeous slim-line system remote control
Easily readable and dimmable florescent display
Detachable power cord
Switchable from 120volt 60Hz to 220volt 50Hz


W17 x D14.5 x H3.5 in.
Weight: 24 lbs. pkg.

Includes: 2 year manufacturer warranty.