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Company Profile

Founder and president: cartridge & cable designer A.J. van den Hul A.J. van den Hul B.V. based in the Netherlands (Europe) is a company that since its founding in 1980 has made it its objective to improve the qualitative aspects of phono transduction and musical signal transfer in the most broad sense by applying unique solutions and state-of-the-art technology according to cartridge and cable designer A.J. van den Hul’s profound experience and philosophies.
Our high quality product range covers moving coil (MC) phono cartridges as well as a broad range of audio cable and wire products serving consumer, professional and industrial applications.
Our phrase “The Link between Technique and Emotion” attempts to illustrate our product designs main aim to support the enjoyment of the emotional qualities of music.

The Third®

The worlds first metal free speaker cable. The Third contains 3.5 million individually insulated LSC fibers which produces cable qualities which cannot be found in any metal-based cable.
Its LSC conductors are totally immune to mechanical or chemical degradation, therefore its sonic properties do not change regardless of how often this relatively FLEXIBLE cable is bent and irrespective of the presence of any corrosive chemical compounds in the air that normally would gradually attack any inadequately protected metal cable. This cable will virtually last forever.
The Third does not age, there is no cross crystal distortion since all of its LSC fibers exhibit a single crystal structure from cable-end to cable-end. There is no skin effect, it is absolutely free from directionality and time spear. It exhibits a very low 0.07 Ohm/m resistance. The result being extremely smooth and exceptionally detailed with very natural sound. Available only in terminated pairs with banana or spade bus connectors.


The SUPER NOVA’s four signal conductors are made of highest grade ultra-pure Matched Crystal Oxygen Free Copper strands, which are manufactured by means of a special extrusion process. In the same mechanical step a very pure protective solid silver layer is applied. In sharp contrast with the commonly used drawn copper covered with electroplated silver, this meticulous and advanced production process ensures maximum crystalline density and contact (conductance) without open pathways for corrosive impurities to enter. The same goes for the co-extruded protective solid silver layer, which, unlike electroplated silver, doesn’t contain any chemical residues; Avoiding the presence of impurities and blocking their gradual creeping in over time is the best defence against sound quality degradation. In addition, serving as an additional protection layer and further improving the signal transmission properties, each conductor is embedded in a conductive layer containing our renowned Linear Structured Carbon ®. The conductors are therefore named “Hybrid”.
In short, The SUPER NOVA’s high tech Super-Copper-Silver Hybrid conductors ensure that the cable keeps its stunningly transparent sound!

The Nova is a slightly thinner, more flexible and more affordable version of the Super Nova. The Nova contains four separate very heavy 8 gauge conductors, (vs. 6 gauge in the Super Nova).
A great choice for ultra-high applications when you need something a little lighter and more affordable. Available in single wire (shotgun) or bi-wire configurations. Very highly recommended.

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The Mini Nova is a custom made single wire, unscreened speaker cable utilizing the same ultra
high quality 6 gauge wire used in the Super Nova.
Without the heavy screen, Hulliflex jacket and luxurious collars, the Mini Nova is much lighter,
more flexible and more affordable than the Nova.
If your application does not require screening, bi-wiring or the beautiful aesthetic treatment of the Nova, and you simply want the
very best sound for the best price the Mini Nova is an excellent choice.

The Inspiration is Van den Hul's offering for high performance twin lead (shotgun), bi-wiring or
bi-amping applications. The stranded signal conductors are made of their highly advanced Fusionconductor material and are enhanced with LSC, a heavy shield and a higher grade Hulliflex jacket.
This cable also includes a separate central ground lead which, if applicable, is intended to serve as ground connection between speakers and amplifier reducing audio signal interference caused by external electromagnetic noise radiating into your power amplifier’s signal path through the loudspeaker cables. These measures keep your system’s noise floor low thereby allowing it to reveal more of the music's subtle inner detail, layers and textures as well as richer colors and tones. Ideal for digital or switch mode power amplifiers. Available only in terminated pairs with banana or spade bus connectors. 14 x 4 AWG

The single lead Revolution is the ultimate speaker cable for music lovers who want the very best performance but don't want the cable to dominate the room's decor. The inner conductor consists of 308 very high grade matched crystal OFC strands with a dense coating of very pure silver, covered in an extra thick LSC saturated layer. The helically wound outer conductor structure uses the same silver on OFC wire as the core but it is comprised of 16 separate individually insulated conductors. You say you want a Revolution?
Thanks to its helical construction and an extremely thick layer of LSC around the center conductor, this revolutionary design delivers a remarkable sonic performance; rich with very fine detail and spatial information, no trace of harshness or emphasis on any particular frequency and deep, taught powerful bass. One of the best values in high end audio, very highly recommended. Available in bulk or terminated pairs with banana or spade bus connectors. 8.4 AWG


The Breeze is a multi-core single conductor speaker cable with a complex strand construction. One of the newest products in VDH's state of the art Fusion series. The Breeze consists of 291 single non-insulated strands in 7 different layers. The outer strand layer is made of VDH's Fusion conductor material, and the entire conductor is coated with LSC.
With a single lead cable you need two runs per speaker, one for the positive connection and one for the negative. This wonderful sounding cable is known for terrific detail, a smooth natural sound and an outstanding spatial presentation. Available in bulk or terminated pairs with banana or spade bus connectors. 8.5 AWG


Teatrack is the four lead bi-wire version of the CS-122. With four 12 AWG conductors, it is the heaviest four lead cable available below Inspiration and brings the excellent resolution and neutrality of the CS-122 to bi-wire applications.


D-352 is the big brother to the CS-122. It features the same construction as the CS-122 but with larger 10 gauge size per conductor. This cable has very smooth high frequencies and a midband articulation rarely found in any other speaker cable, regardless of price. Available in bulk or terminated pairs with DIY banana or spade connectors. 10 AWG


Flat spaced conductor, twin lead speaker cable. Made with two dense silver coated very pure copper conductors, individually coated in LSC to improve sonic performance. Hulliflex jacket with printing every 10" makes cutting specified lengths very easy.
The CS-122 Hybrid is Van den Hul's famous award winning speaker wire and literally thousands of miles of it have been sold worldwide. The CS-122 is known for very good detail and excellent bass. It shows how a well designed cable using high quality materials can give excellent performance without being huge or expensive. Outstanding value and highly recommended. Available in bulk or terminated pairs with DIY banana or spade connectors. 2 x 12 AWG


Flat twin lead, very flexible speaker cable. Made with very high grade large crystal OFC and coated in a dense pure silver. White Hulliflex jacket for superior insulation, very good mechanical protection and a high chemical stability. This very inexpensive slender cable delivers surprising quality and is ideal for budget systems. Available in bulk or terminated pairs with DIY banana or spade connectors. 14 AWG

The MC Silver Mk III Balanced is Van den Hul's very best interconnect. The Mk III version utilizes VDH's latest technical insights and most sophisticated material and design enhancements. This interconnect is made with the world's highest grade of matched crystal OFC with a very thick mechanically applied layer of the purest silver. Further adding to its stunning dynamics and vivid clarity, the MC Silver IT Mk III Balanced employs extremely low loss Teflon for internal insulation. This purest form of Teflon is normally only used in the most advanced audio grade capacitors. Available with RCA or XLR connectors.


"This flexible cable does a phenomenal job of resolving the last degree of musical detail. Unlike other supposedly high-end cables, the treble is very well extended and totally clean... MC Silver IT Mk III produces totally realistic and palpable tonal rendering... The cable also has a strange ability to make other interconnects sound 'loud' or distorted, presumably by virtue of an extremely clean, neutral balance and high transparency. This lets through both the fine detail that gives each note realism and the energy that enlivens the music overall. Van den Hul's MC Silver IT Mk III is in a class of its own and it delivers the goods."

- Jason Kennedy, Hi-Fi Choice, January 2007, Editor's Choice award winner

The MC Silver series are the finest all metal cables Van den Hul has ever made. These no-compromise high purity silver cables are designed to extract the very last musical nuance from the highest performance components.The MC Silver cables all feature 19 extremely high grade matched crystal extruded OFC strands each having a very thick and dense ultra high purity silver coating. These cables are almost pure silver, however a very small amount of high purity copper gives much needed added strength ensuring better use-ability, durability and longer life. Internal insulation includes multiple layers of Teflon.Each cable in the group contains a double shield, one of which is a braid consisting of the same dense silver on copper configuration as the conductors, and the other being a wound very pure silver ribbon providing an almost perfectly closed screen. All production handling is done with extreme care to maintain a very constant characteristic impedance along the entire cable to prevent signal reflections even up to very high frequencies.Finally, each cable receives a special Hulliflex EHD outer jacket. This extra high density version of Hulliflex is the toughest, most rugged and hardwearing cable jacket available. Its ultra dense consistency and smooth surface provide the best possible protection for the precious metal inside. Hulliflex EHD ensures the cable's overall integrity and very long life by protecting the cable from chemical corrosive attack from the outside environment, and from over bending, pinching and mechanical wear and tear. This is very important in an ultra high performance interconnect
MC Silver cables are available in four configurations: MC Silver IT 65 G, MC Silver IT Mk II Balanced, MC Silver IT Mk II Coaxial, and the latest MC Silver IT Mk III Balanced.The MC Silver IT 65 G is a slimline version the MC Silver Mk II Coax interconnect. The 65 G still delivers many of the superior audio properties of the bigger Mk II versions, but it was designed for music lovers who want the best sound possible at a more affordable price.Although the MC Silver cables have a particularly clean and extremely dynamic sound the usual audio adjectives just don't do justice to the performance. These are fantastic sounding cables you simply have to hear. The 65 G and Coax versions are available with RCA connectors only and the Balanced version is available with either.


The Jubilee is a very special limited edition cable designed to celebrate Van den Hul's 25th year in business. This 'Jubilee Anniversary' cable is a pure silver version of their famous D-102 Mk III interconnect. It features LSC shielding, a Hulliflex jacket and high grade matt finish 24 carat gold plated connectors.The Jubilee Hybrid’s balanced design has two internal signal conductors, each made of 19 strands of the highest grade pure silver and protected by a special lacquer coating. Jubilee has triple shield of dense silver plated OFC copper, an extra layer of LSC insulation, and VDH's trademark Hulliflex outer jacket which makes this cable completely closed to the outside environment and impervious to ageing effects.Sonic properties of the Jubilee Hybrid are very rich in detail and extremely smooth high frequencies. Bass reproduction and the enormous depth of image are truly exceptional. With fantastic performance for a very reasonable price, the Jubilee is truly one of the best bargains in the audio world. Please remember this is a limited edition anniversary cable and when it's gone, it's gone. Available with RCA or XLR connectors.


The Orchid is the result of one of Van den Hul's latest innovations Tunnel Technology. It has quickly become one of the Company's most popular and well respected interconnects. The Orchid was developed from an extensive study of the transmission of ultra low level signals with very high resolution. The Orchid is an extremely thin solid core balanced interconnect, (three conductors), with a dense braided double shield. The internal insulators are LSC treated for improved shielding against high frequency interference, and the cable is mechanically robust with a rugged Hulliflex jacket and a virtually unbreakable solid core.The Orchid is noted for its exceptional dynamic range and frequency response, its impeccable preservation of resolution, ambience and definition, its unbelievable reproduction of space and distance, and its extremely natural, open and non-fatiguing sound. The Orchid is a very high performance cable for a very reasonable price. An excellent choice for the demanding music lover. Available with RCA or XLR connectors.


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The Second is a balanced interconnect using LSC as the signal conductors and sharing the same design principles as The First. Two center conductors are made of identical groups of LSC each containing 12,000 individually insulated fibers. The Second also features the best possible shielding available and is completely closed to any external signal penetration. This cable has a very easy, natural and spacious sound. It delivers a real and un-electric feel to acoustic music. All the Van den Hul Carbon Recording CDs were made using this cable. Available with RCA or XLR connectors.


Now in a new Mk II form, the First Ultimate is the world's first all metal-free interconnect. Instead of metal Van den Hul's patented Linear Structured Carbon is used as the conductor. The First Ultimate offers a real breakthrough in audio cable design and is probably quite different to anything you have heard before. With this cable you will notice a lack of dynamic compression on higher signal levels, extended low level information, superb spatial information and an extraordinarily smooth natural sound with a complete lack of any harshness whatsoever.The First Ultimate is a coaxial design with an LSC center conductor containing 12,000 individually insulated strands. The individually insulated strands prevent electrons from jumping strands and force the signal movement in the ideal manner. This eliminates several audio problems and results in a much cleaner sound. The First Ultimate also features a heavy shield. Its outer braid, which functions as screen and signal return, is made of six layers of braided LSC fibers (instead of the usual two). In total 114,000 individually insulated fibers! All in a Hulliflex jacket. The use of carbon means the cable will retain its sonic signature indefinitely as it is totally impervious to the effects of ageing. Thus your cable will sound as good 15 years from now as it does today - this is a very significant accomplishment in the world of audio cables!The First Ultimate Metal Screen is simply a version of the First Ultimate with a metal screen. This cable is designed for use where a high level of shielding is required. It is particularly useful as interconnect with tube electronics or phono stages. Both versions of the First Ultimate are available with RCA connectors only.


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Fusion technology is another VDH innovation in which VDH has created a special alloy comprised of copper, silver and zinc. The alloy is created by placing extremely pure copper, zinc and silver in a vacuum oven where a strong electrical field forces the atoms in all three metals to the center of the conductor. Ultra high heating brings about a complete fusion of the copper, zinc and silver. Then ultra fast cooling causes the final alloy to settle into a totally amorphous state. This complex technical processing results in an amorphous structure that is free from intercrystalline boundaries.Four separately isolated conductors are then coated with LSC, a triple screen and Hulliflex jacket. The Integration delivers very detailed, ultra high resolution and excellent space. Its low capacitance makes it well suited for long runs, and its internal star quad configuration and triple shield render it highly immune to noise. The Integration Hybrid is mechanically very robust making it much less susceptible to breakage. Available with RCA or XLR connectors.
"The sound is exceptionally clear and open, especially in the treble. In fact, it's almost unsettling at first, as the lack of grain and spit makes it seem a little understated, lacking brilliance compared with most cables. Then some sound comes along that's naturally rich in high harmonics and you realize that what's missing is not treble, but distortion. Further down the spectrum the sound is similarly clear, extending well into the bass with a good balance between tune and rhythm. Detail and imaging are first-rate, too." Hi-Fi Choice, Best Buy Winner, May 2008.

D 102 MK III
Van Den Hul The D-102 MKIII Stereo Audio Cable 1.0m
Few products have received as many accolades as has Van den Hul's flagship midrange interconnect the D-102 Mk III. The D-102 features a triple hybrid with very heavy shielding. An LSC layer on each conductor facilitates improved signal transfer. The two center conductors are made of 40 dense and very pure silver coated strands on a very high grade matched crystal OFC. The triple shield consists of two helical layers with a total of 180 dense and very pure silver coated strands. With low capacitance this cable produces very low overall losses and/or phase shift even in high impedence circuitry. The D-102 proves the superiority of Van den Hul's LSC technology as this affordable cable delivers a surprisingly uncolored natural mid range, sweet detailed treble and extended and controlled bass. Highly recommended. Available with RCA or XLR connectors.

The Wave is a coaxial, triple shielded interconnect designed to outperform its price class with superior qualities. The Wave is not just any 'coax cable'. It is an exceptionally fine cable utilizing VDH's 25 years of experience in design and materials.The Wave starts with a generous 0.9 mm central conductor made of thick silver coated, high purity, matched crystal, oxygen free copper. It then adds a robust triple screen, the outer and inner layers of which are made of the same high quality material used in the central conductor.Other cables often overlook the fact that a coaxial cable shield needs to carry the return signal and keep noise out. The Wave's triple shield design separates these functions, yielding a substantial gain in performance.This unique design achieves first-rate interference suppression and highly linear conductivity. The Wave delivers impeccable transmission quality, large natural bandwidth and excellent noise rejection resulting in outstanding transparency, full bodied and clearly defined sound and a lively and precise rhythm.The Wave is a highly accurate 75 ohm cable making it perfectly suited for a wide variation of audio as well as 75 ohm video applications.VDH's Hulliflex jacket provides maximum ruggedness and optimal lifespan protection. All materials in the Wave are environmentally friendly and contain no halogens.
"Treble is cleanly extended and once again there is a lovely natural quality to the way the delicate high-frequency sounds decay into ambience. Another highly capable and compatible interconnect." - Hi-Fi Choice Best Buy Winner, November 2008.
"it's a good all-rounder (for analog, digital and video alike), with a full bass, a very tidy sense of rhythm, clean and extended treble and great imaging." - Hi-Fi Choice, Gold Award Best Interconnect Under £100, 200

Van Den Hul THE NAME Stereo Pair Cable

The Name Hybrid is the most affordable cable VDH can make while still retaining the features and high quality you expect from Van den Hul. This coaxial interconnect features a double screen and solid core. The core and screen are dense silver coated oxygen free copper (OFC). The Name's 75 ohm impedence makes it an ideal starter cable which can be used in many different applications. Available with RCA connectors only.
"The star of the show was undoubtedly the Van den Hul The Name. It brought a satisfying level of sophistication to the sound of the system and didn't seem out of place when briefly tried against cables up to three times its price. It is a well thought out and made product that offers very good performance, and therefore, value for money. Buy with confidence."
- HiFi News, September 2005.



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The concept of our servo-bass system is an easy one to understand. It employs an accelerometer as a sensor to constantly monitor the movement of the woofer cone and instantaneously compare it to the input signal. This comparison circuit identifies any deviation from the input signal and applies a corrective signal to compensate; resulting in the virtual elimination of the inherent distortion of the woofer.

In the Genesis products with an external amplifier, this means that the servo/bass cable that connects the woofer and accelerometer to the servo amplifier is a part of the servo system feedback circuit. It carries the measurement information from the accelerometer to the comparison circuitry in the servo-bass amplifier, and the corrected bass signal to the woofers.

The Genesis Servo/Bass cable was designed to work as a system with the servo circuit and the amplifier. It is a speaker cable, and a feedback circuit cable engineered together with the inductance, capacitance, and resistance of the cable optimized for each of the circuits - the accelerometer as well as the drivers.



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The Genesis servo-controlled bass system employs an accelerometer as a sensor to constantly monitor the movement of the woofer cone and continuously compares it to the input signal. This comparison circuit identifies any deviation from the input signal and applies a corrective signal to compensate; resulting in the virtual elimination of the inherent distortion of the woofer.

In the Genesis products with an external amplifier, the servo-bass amplifier is driven by line-level input from the preamplifier. This means that while the midrange and tweeters of the speaker are driven by the power amplifier in use, the servo-bass amplifier is driven by the preamplifier.

This scheme of connection, while it works, may not be ideal. The power amplifier is never a "straight wire with gain". Hence, it will affect the input signal in some way. The servo-system will correctly produce the bass part of the musical signal that is the input of the power amplifier, instead of the actual output to the speaker.

The Genesis Servo-Bass Interconnect Cable allows the balanced line-level input of the Genesis external servo-bass amplifier to be driven by the high-level outputs of your power amp - hence using the same signal that is driving the rest of the loudspeaker for an exceptional increase in transparency and bass coherence.

Servo-Sub Interface Cables

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Genesis advocates that the subwoofer is to be placed at the end of the reproduction chain. Having a speaker-level pass through at the subwoofer to drive the main loudspeakers that the subwoofer is assigned to enhance the bass of will result in two additional connections, and a consequent loss of transparency.

Hence, the subwoofer is ideally driven in parallel with the main loudspeakers that the subwoofer is assigned to enhance, and the ideal electrical interface for the subwoofer is at the speaker binding posts of the main loudspeaker. It is intuitive that using the signal that drives the main loudspeaker to also drive the subwoofer will result in a greater chance of better integration between the subwoofer and the main loudspeaker.

Unfortunately, this creates a dilemma in the choice of cable to use between the main loudspeaker and the subwoofer. The subwoofer is electrically a power amplifier, and not a loudspeaker. Hence, a nice fat loudspeaker cable is actually going to sound pretty bad. It's like trying to use loudspeaker cable as interconnects between your CD player and the preamp! You will have more success using interconnects, cutting the RCAs off at both ends and using that as a jumper.

However, that's still not ideal. Interconnects are designed for high-impedance circuits. Loudspeaker cables are designed for low-impedance circuits. So the output of the main power amp driving the subwoofer amp's input is a low-impedance to high-impedance circuit.

The Genesis ServoSub Interface Cable is a specialized cable that is designed for this interface, between a low-impedance output, and a high-impedance input. It is the ideal interconnect cable for driving all Genesis ServoSub models using the speaker-level binding posts.

Using the ServoSub Interface cable, 6moons reviewer John Potis improves the integration of his system using the G928. "There was no question that timing had improved and the overall presentation gained in rhythmic snap. The bass was slightly more succinct and seemed a little bit more 'at one' with the speakers' output - more coherent overall. I also noticed that music recorded in real acoustic venues often exhibited very low levels of bass reverberations I'd never heard before. The bass started and stopped on a dime, which reduced sonic smear and uncovered details down in the basement that had been obscured before."

Loudspeaker Interface Cables

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The interface between the power amplifier and the loudspeaker is a critical link in the audio reproduction chain. If the speaker cable were a perfect conductor, the amplifier a perfect current source, and the loudspeaker a perfect current sink, absolute fidelity would be achieved.

Unfortunately, loudspeakers are not a perfect current sink. The impedance of the loudspeaker varies by frequency, and also by how loudly the loudspeaker is played. An impedance plot measured using a uniform tone-burst is only a poor proxy of the actual performance of the loudspeaker when played with dynamic musical content.

Amplifiers are also not a perfect current source. Tube amplifiers, in particular, usually have output impedance that is significantly above zero. The output impedance also changes with frequency. Solid-state amplifiers, on the other hand, have very low output impedance, but this is affected by the ability of the power supply to deliver current when faced with the dynamic load of music.

Hence, the loudspeaker-amplifier interface is not as straightforward as many cable designers and manufacturers will have us believe. No cable is a perfect conductor. Every cable has resistance, impedance and capacitance, and all three parameters will vary with frequency, and power delivered through the cable.

Instead of attempting to develop a perfect loudspeaker interface cable, Genesis has developed a loudspeaker cable that is optimized for the impedance load of Genesis loudspeakers, and the current capability of Genesis amplifiers. Two models are available - one for the passive Genesis loudspeakers, and a second for the loudspeakers with an active servo-controlled bass system.

Purchase & Return Policy
WyWires offers a 30 day return policy on new cables purchased from us or an authorized dealer. 

WyWires conducts a formal consultation, via phone or email, with every customer; we guide our dealers and distributors in handling consultations as well.  Please remember that WyWires products are hand-made and customized to your system and specifications.  Please review your system carefully, and measure your cable lengths 2 times.  Note that pricing is dependent on options such as connectors and cable length. 

    LITESPD Digital USB



Speaker Bananas/Spades

Juice II Power Cord

All WyWires products produce natural textures with strong leading edges, while at the same time we take away the grungy, metallic annoyances.  

If you have solid state equipment and experience listening fatigue, we can formulate a cable that will provide you with a more pleasant and organic ("honey") experience.   If you’re a tube-ophile and you feel you are missing some realism and bite to the music, we'll put a little "hot sauce" on your tunes. 

We are building a dealer/distributor network - call us to find one near you; prices are the same whether you purchase from a dealer, or directly from WyWires.  Please see the Contact page for information on your time zone and best way to reach us.

WyWires Product Lines

WyWires now offers three product lines, all based on our design and performance principles:

WyWires Silver series is the classic line that started the revolution in air dielectric, Litz wire design. The Silver line embodies our design philosophy of  ”less is more,” yielding unprecedented electrical and sonic performance.
WyWires Gold series integrates Bybee Slipstream and Quantum purifiers into our cables.  The Gold line is based on the Silver, but with enhanced insulation along with new, larger Xhadow RCA and XLR connectors. Sonic performance of our Gold Series cables is perhaps unrivaled, even at many times the asking price.
WyWires Blue series represents a “trickle down” approach, taking what we have learned during the ongoing development of the Silver series of cables and applying that knowledge to offer a more economical product line. The Blue Series offers much of the performance attributes as the Silver albeit in a simplified and less luxurious offering, at entry level pricing.
LITESPD Digital Interfaces - 4 ft standard length (1.23 meters)
Capacitance:  5.1 to 6.3 pF (per foot at a frequency of 10 kz)

USB A/B    To integrate a laptop or music server to a digital analog converter (DAC)
S/PDIF    To integrate a digital transport or music server to a DAC (Logitech's Squeezebox, iPod Dock)
AES/EBU    To integrate professional grade digital equipment to a DAC

Silver    Priced from $499  (classic)
Gold    Priced from $799  (includes ByBee Slipstream Purifiers)
Blue    Priced from $249
Phono Cables - 4 ft standard length (1.23 meters)
Capacitance:  7.9 pF  (per foot at a frequency of 10kHz)
To integrate a phono cartridge to a preamplifier or phono stage
Silver        Priced from $1099
Gold    Priced from $1599  (Includes ByBee Slipstream Purifiers)
     *(Blue not available for Phono cables)
Analog Interconnect Cables - 4 ft standard length (1.23 meters)
Capacitance:  5.9 pF (per foot at a frequency of 10 kHz)

For any line level source such as a CD Player, D to A Converter,  Phono Stage, and to integrate a pre-amplifier to a power amplifier
Silver     Priced from $899
Gold    Priced from $1349  (includes ByBee Slipstream Purifiers)
Blue    Priced from $469           
Speaker Cables - 8 ft standard length (2.46 meters)
Capacitance:  8.5 pF ((per foot at a frequency of 10 kHz)
Speaker 1     Single wire speaker cable
Speaker 2    Bi wire speaker cable

Silver    Priced from $1299
Gold    Priced from $3299  (includes ByBee Quantum Purifiers)
Blue    Priced from $599
Juice II Power Cord - 4 Foot Standard Length (1.23 meters)
Capacitance:  8.1 pF (per foot at a frequency of 60Hz)

For any component with a replaceable (IEC) power cord. Standard for North America (Edison) receptacles.  Special order for Asian, European and UK versions.
Silver    Priced from $399
Gold    Priced from $1399  (includes ByBee Quantum Purifiers)
Blue     Priced from $249
Prices based on US Dollars, manufacturer's suggested retail price.
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