Burmester Audio Rack V1

V 1  Rack

The slim format allows storing your high-end system in an elegant and at the same time space-saving way.
The Rack V1 is ideal for the best tonal performance of your system. In addition, the V1 is designed
to be fitted with the Burmester C8 center speaker for an ideal integration regarding sound and design.

The Burmester Audio Rack V3

V 3  Rack

It is generously dimensioned and offers a premium presentation of your high-end sound system. Its solid wooden
shelves provide the perfect condition for every Burmester component to have a lasting effect for itself.
The Rack V3 meets the tonal Burmester standard for entire product lines as well as for single components.

The Burmester Audio Rack V5

V 5  Rack

It provides a completely solid foundation for up to three components. The reliable construction, conducted in anodised aluminium and
veneered wooden shelves, support your high-end system to show the best tonal results. In addition, the V5 is designed
to be fitted with the center speaker C8 for an ideal integration regarding sound and design.

Burmester rack collection The V6

V 6  Rack

The solid construction is guarantee for premium tonal performance. Its elegant design and the possibility to choose individual
surfaces offer the optimal integration of your high-end system into your living ambience.

The Burmester V Base

V Base

The dimensions were carefully selected giving the amplifier enough space. The V Base is made of the same solid
material as or audio racks and can also be equipped with special feet. It is ideal for the best tonal performance of our
amplifiers and like all our racks comes standard in Macassar or Elsberry. Like the racks, custom specifications are available on request.



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