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This Stereophile recommended component features 2 lengths of bristles with a piece of velvet in between to clean your records two times with each swipe. This brush is one of the best dry cleaning brushes available. Perfect for wiping down your records before you play them.



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The Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun by Milty helps keep records, CDs, DVDs, film, lenses, and glass static-free, dust-free, and lint-free. It is the latest development of the renowned Zerostat piezo-electric pistol. The Zerostat 3 reduces static on insulating surfaces as records, etc. It produces negative and positive ions that couple with the positive and negative static charges on an object's surface, effectively neutralizing them.

Simply hold the Zerostat 3 within one foot of the surface to be treated and squeeze the trigger for about two seconds. This releases a stream of positively charged particles. As the trigger is released, a negative flow is produced, neutralizing static charges. Repeat this process at several points across the surface of the object.

The Zerostat 3 does not leave any polymer residue on the treated surfaces. It lasts for approximately 50,000 operations and requires no power supply, batteries, or refills. This is one simple treatment that no record collection should be without!

Ion-Indicator: This test device has been included to indicate that there is a release of ions when the Milty Pro Zerostat3 is in use. Insert the Ion-indicator in the nose of the Zerostat and then slowly squeeze the release trigger. The Ion-indicator (neon tube) gently glows (recommend testing in a dimly lit room).

Directions: Hold the Zerostat within 12" (30.5 cm) of the surface or object to be treated. Squeeze the trigger slowly for about two seconds, to emit a stream of positive ionized air over the surface of the object. As the trigger is slowly released, a negative show of air ions is produced resulting in static neutralization. Repeat this procedure at several points across the surface of the object.



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Mobile Fidelity's Shine-Ola is a CD/DVD/SACD cleanerdesigned to provide a gentle, scratch-free way to clean your discs. Unlike other cleaners, MoFi Shine-Ola is safe for use on SACDs. This disc treatment system is a hyper-pure cleaner that will not break down a disc’s polymers. It removes the heat-generated waste molecules left behind by the pressing process, thus preventing laser-wandering. Shine-Ola is provided with an ultra-soft Micro Fiber Cloth for easy and safe cleaning. It works on discs that are either pressed or burned. You will instantly notice a great sonic benefit the first time you try Shine-Ola!

Burning Yor Own CDs? We recommed using Shine-Ola on CD-Rs before recording, as well as after.

Each 2 oz. bottle ofMoFi Shine-Ola will clean approximately 200 CDs, however, if you spray carefully enough to cover the entire disc in one spray, you can get up to 350 uses.


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Mobile Fidelity Record Brush is the Best Brush for Wet or Dry Cleaning!

Thousands of Analog Lovers Think the MoFi Brush is the Best Available!

The Mobile Fidelity Record Brush is Our All-Time Best-Selling LP Brush! Here’s an inexpensive tool for keeping all of your irreplaceable records clean and cared for! We are very proud to offer the latest in essential record care products: The MoFi LP Record Brush! Easy to use, easy to clean; this record brush is guaranteed to keep all of your LPs clean and quiet! It gets really deep into the grooves and helps scrub all that nasty, noisy dirt out. The key to its great vinyl cleaning is found in Mobile Fidelity’s proprietary cleaning pad and ergonomic brush handle. It’s been designed for multi-purpose use: it can be used as a wet-cleaning brush (we recommend using it as part of your intensive record cleaning machine workout) or as simply the best dry record brush ever designed. One cleaning pad will clean hundreds of your favorite LP's. For best results, we recommend the use of a simple, single step record cleaning fluid like our best selling Mobile Fidelity fluids. Not only is the best record brush ever designed, it’s also the cheapest! Stock up on a few of these brushes and keep you records in pristine condition!

For cleaning: We recommend keeping an unused toothbrush around for cleaning the pads on the MD LP Brush. Remember...a clean brush is a happy brush...and one that will not transfer debris onto other records!


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The Mobile Fidelity Record Brush is the best record brush currently available! These are the Replacement Pads for the Record Brush.  The pads are simple to replace, gently peel off the old pad, replace it with the new pad, and you're ready to get back to cleaning records.  For best results we recommend allowing the adhesive to set for 24Hrs before use.

Mobile Fidelity recommends replacing the pads on your Record Brush after cleaning approximately 100-150 records or when the pad begins to show wear.

This package consists of two replacement cleaning pads.


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A dirty stylus gets between you and your music... Mobile Fidelity LP #9, a revolutionary stylus cleaner and lubricant, is a simple, easy to use stylus cleaner which will improve the sound of your analog system while extending the life of your phono cartridge. LP #9 provides smoother, grain-free sound and increased stylus life while reducing record wear. Mobile FidelityLP#9 is both a stylus cleaner and a stylus preservative in one bottle. The fluid is only used sparingly, so this half ounce bottle will last you a long, long time. Also included is a great, soft stylus cleaning brush. Purchase a second bottle and save! Our highest recommendation!


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Mobile Fidelity ONE Record Cleaning Solution is the Best, Easiest, One-Step LP Cleaner for Those of You Without a Record Cleaning Machine!

For record collectors who don’t use a vacuum cleaning system, there is now a unique product that is perfect for cleaning vinyl. Introducing Mobile Fidelity ONE Cleaning Fluid. Rather than using our exclusive triple-distilled water as a base, we have produced a formulation that contains a base of quick-drying alcohol. Our intention was to make a cleaner that dissolves particulate matter and evaporates, taking the residue with it, eliminating the need for a secondary stage of rinsing.

Users will hear a reduction in noise and quieter, blacker backgrounds, allowing a greater dynamic range. Instruments jump out, revealing more air in the recording, bringing the listener closer to the music. The best part is that by using Mobile Fidelity ONE Cleaning Fluid, audiophiles will be maintaining their valuable investment in vinyl.

Like all our formulations, Mobile Fidelity ONE Cleaning Fluid contains neither fragrances nor oils. These oils, which have no place on valuable records, remain behind on the surface as a film, attracting particles and affecting the sonic signature. ONE Cleaning Fluid removes that veil between the listener and the music. Call us today to learn more about how analog lovers can benefit from Mobile Fidelity ONE Cleaning Fluid.


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Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Cleaner is Our Best-Selling Fluid for Your Really Dirty Records!

Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Cleaner is made to clean very soiled LPs and is also recommended as a pre-cleaner for extra dirty records. Super Deep Cleaner can be used for removing pressing debris and 'mold release compound' from sealed LPs, as well. It's much more powerful than Super Record Wash and should be used as the first step in your cleaning process. As always, Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Cleaner is made with an exclusive Quad-Distilled, hyper-pure water base with a mild detergent that leaves no residue and cannot damage the surface of your records. We give this product our highest recommendation! Buy mulitple bottles and save.


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Keep Your Vinyl in Pristine Condition with Mobile Fidelity Super Record Wash!

MoFi Super Record Wash Keeeps LPs Clean and Quiet.

Our all-time, best-selling record cleaning fluid is better than ever. It’s been improved to be more powerful, but still perfectly safe for all record surfaces. Completely alcohol free, Mobile Fidelity Super Record Wash incorporates non-toxic, natural degreasers and dirt solvents in combination with quadruple-distilled, hyper-pure water base. MoFi Super Record Wash will keep your records sounding quiet and looking great! This is the best one-step record cleaning fluidfor use with any Record Cleaning Machine or any hand cleaning system. Buy multiple bottles and save!




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  The KAB USA record grip was designed to replace and improve upon the PIG clamp originally supplied with the Revolver brand turntables. It features natural rubber material with a much wider footprint for better damping. This is especially useful on Rega brand turntables and others where there is very little spindle to grab on to.    The KAB USA record grip reduces resonance and acoustic vibration of the record itself, freeing the stylus to do its intended job of tracing the groove. The result is better focus and detail to the soundstage.The USA record grip attaches quickly; by turning with slight pressure, it "walks" down the spindle and meets the record surface. Note: For easier use, the center hole can be lubricated with a dilluted solution of 5% Armor All® and alcohol, swabbed with Qtip®.The built-in bubble level shows turntable level at a glance to within 1 degree of accuracy.
 Natural rubber exhibits good damping qualities yet molds with surprising precision.
 The built in bubble level allows a quick check of turntable level. A level turntable balances the forces of the needle in the groove.
    When the needle is resting in the record groove, the entire record surface behaves as a microphone picking up vibrations from the air and the turntable below. Damping the record surface reduces the affect of these "added vibrations" to the needle's already difficult job of reading the groove.


Natural Rubber
Color: Black

Durometer: 50

Weight: 3 Oz.

Max Spindle Height: 5/8"

Bubble Level Accuracy: 1°
Shipping Weight: 8 Oz.



This high tech oil is suitable for all non air-cushioned metal to metal turntable bearings. The oil is doped with microscopic 1 micron diameter zirconium oxide marbles which act as an extra rotating separation between the spindle and the bearing bus. The marbles virtually eliminate mechanical contact and reduce friction between the bearing’s metal surfaces to just the viscosity of the oil. The result is minimized bearing noise and a lower noise floor.

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Alignment Gauge

Our mirror-scaled Cartridge Alignment Gauge allows for a fast and accurate optimum alignment of your phono cartridge.

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The Headshell Link is a high quality four lead wire set for making the cartridge to headshell connection. The set consists of four flexible color coded leads, (red, green, blue and white), made with MCS-300 solid core matched crystal pure silver wire with teflon insulation. The leads are each ready fit with 24 carat gold plated headshell wire connecting clips.
The total length from clip to clip is 1 5/8” and at the cartridge side is a 1.2mm clip with a 1.0mm clip on the tonearm side (which is the standard pin size on removable headshells and SME tonearms).

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D-501 SME Style DIN to RCA Phono Cable

The new D-501 cable is a worthwhile investment for owners of older SME arms, (and others), who want an easy and affordable way to upgrade their turntable.
The D-501 cables are designed to be used between tone arms with a 5 pin DIN connector on the base, MM / MC phono stages, step-up transformers or phono head amplifiers.
Two versions are offered; the standard D-501 Hybrid and a premium version D-501 Silver Hybrid. The D-501 Hybrid is an improved version of the same cable that has been supplied with SME tone arms since 1987. The D-501 Silver Hybrid is a premium version of the same cable, but the silver coated OFC core conductors have been replaced with pure silver conductors. The pure silver cable delivers an even bigger improvement over the original cable supplied with the arms. These cables are extremely well shielded, which is very important with low level phono signals, and sonically these are among the best cables VDH makes.
The D-501s have a separate 18 gauge ground wire made from VDH CS-18 with a spade for the ground connection. The cables are light and flexible, which is useful with suspended turntable designs, so there is usually no need to re-balance the suspension. Cable diameter is 4.5mm. As with all VDH cables, the very flexible black outer jacket is made of migration-free Hulliflex to prevent any chemical deterioration over time.
A highly recommended upgrade for any top notch analog system.
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MCS–150M Tonearm Wire


The MCS–150M tonearm wire consists of seven individually insulated very pure matched crystal silver strands, each 80 micron in diameter including insulation. MCS-150M is less susceptible to bending damage and is the best quality wire of this type offered by VDH. It’s insulation acts a flux and it is therefore directly solderable without stripping. The MCS–150M is supplied in sets of four wires, each set containing blue, green, red and white.